Dietary “First Aid”

There really is some simple dietary first aid. Here’s how to get started.

This past week, you probably ate and drank some things you ordinarily wouldn’t.
Our advice? Always enjoy yourself but just don’t go crazy.

Why? Because it’s a whole lot easier to get back on course if you only stray a little.

Focus instead on the 99+ percent of your life, including following the NeuropathyDR Diet & Lifestyle Plan. And be sure to stay on track with your neuropathy home care kit care too!

But even if you stray from good neuropathy treatment habits even just a little sometimes you can feel really awful!

But there is good news! You can do both “prevention” and dietary first aid!

First of all, drink plenty of water if you go on “holiday”. It’s OK to sample different foods unless you are allergic or sensitive, but resist the temptation to go crazy!

Don’t drink alcohol at all if you have medication interactions, and be careful of overindulging in alcohol anyways, as it can irritate many forms of neuropathy & pain.

Make sure you take your prescribed supplements, and eat small frequent meals. Doing so will make it easier for you to stay on track if you do go to parties.

Now, if you wake up feeling lousy, don’t panic. Just get back on track ASAP with all your good self care.

A good Rescue Remedy if you really overdo is simply to do the BRAT Diet for 1 to a few days (small servings of Brown rice, Banana Tea and Applesauce). This is actually a good clearing diet for lots of people and can help you feel better faster after overindulging.

Also, be sure to be drinking enough water, and eating healthy all day (as we teach-minimal carb, adequate protein) every 2-3 hours.

Following the tips here, and your good self care you are more likely to really enjoy your holidays and time off a whole lot more!


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Emotional Support is Vital for Those Who Suffer with Chronic Pain

Don’t go it alone. Here’s why accepting support from family and friends is so important in treating chronic pain.

Although it may be a shocking idea, your personal support network may be equally as important to your health as your medical treatment team—or any kind of supplemental therapies.

Why? Because the bottom line is that a positive outlook is the best medicine for good health outcomes. If you are feeling contented and supported in your personal relationships, you’ll be much better equipped to cope with pain when it arises.

Unfortunately, many people find it hard to ask for help from their family and friends. We may have heard the message that it was weak or shameful to be dependent on others.

The truth is that when we are able to accept love and support, we’re better equipped to be as independent as possible in our daily lives.

Make a list of people in your life who have helped you in big and small ways in the past, as well as people that would probably be willing to help now if you were to ask.

Now, think about the things that are making your life the most difficult or stressful right now. This list could be anything from a leaky faucet in your kitchen to a pile of medical bills. Just get it all down on paper.

Finally, begin matching the list of stress points with the list of helpers in your life. Who could come over and fix that leaky faucet for you? Who could help you make phone calls to arrange a payment plan for those bills?

You will find that most of the people on your list are grateful for a chance to help you—they just didn’t know what to do that would be truly helpful. And when your stress level decreases (now that the leaky faucet or pile of bills is a thing of the past), your overall health will be optimized. That means chronic pain becomes less of a burden because you’re better able to cope with it.

Building your support network is just one way that you can take control of your own health and overcome chronic pain.

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