Make Better Treatment Decisions

It was not that long ago that neuropathy and chronic pain patients had very few treatment options. Now though, how can we all make better treatment decisions? For a very long time, health professionals just focused on drug therapy to calm neuropathy and pain symptoms.

Physical Therapy

When patients take action, lose weight, become more active, and cut out sugars and processed foods, their pain and “idiopathic” neuropathy often starts to improve!.

In fact, many patients AND their own doctors still believe this is the only approach to neuropathy and pain treatment. But you know better, and that is why you are here!

We now know that there is a place for active treatment in many forms of pain, especially neuropathy.

For example, we know the most common form of neuropathy is “idiopathic neuropathy” meaning, by definition, “no known cause”. Many cases formerly called “idiopathic” are, in fact, due to metabolic syndrome, an issue for many in modern society that, over many years, creates too much body fat and not enough lean muscle. This is sometimes still called pre-diabetes because without better lifestyle, food and activity decisions, many patients with metabolic syndrome will become diabetic!

*Drug-only neuropathy therapy alone will not change this.

But the good news is that when patients apply their own decisions to take action, lose weight, become more active, and cut out sugars and processed foods, their “idiopathic” may begin to improve, especially while using an active treatment system.

The sad part is, many doctors and patients still attempt to treat just with drugs to calm the symptoms like tingling, numbness and burning so many neuropathy patients suffer from. Worse yet, when patients are given high blood pressure or cholesterol lowering medication to treat metabolic syndrome this form of neuropathy can actually worsen!

Since 2008, we at NeuropathyDR have lead the way in informing neuropathy and chronic pain patients the impact their own health care and lifestyles decisions have upon their quality of life, and more! In the whole scheme of things, this approach to neuropathy treatment is relatively new.

So, what is a patient or their family to choose? Simply, we think patients need to learn all they can about real health! Real health comes from deciding to work a little more on it every day!

And, like it or not, the older we get, the more we all need to be proactive about our health—not less!

Know that our team of docs is with you all the way!


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*As frustrating as it may be at times, we encourage you to learn as much about your underlying condition and treatment options as possible.

Even if it’s not 100% clear on what the underlying cause, the good news is proven strategies now exist for effectively treating many forms of  #pain & #neuropathy.Join us for more in depth help, #neuropathytreatmentsthatwork and learn lots more about #chronicpain & #neuropathy  on our website HERE

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Best Treatments for Common Neuropathy Forms

There is good potential for improvement, and even recovery, in common neuropathy forms in many patients. You need to make sure you are doing your part, but also that your treating clinician is doing everything they can for you as well!

If you are reading this, you already know something about peripheral neuropathy. You probably know millions are afflicted.

But you may not know there are many types: the most common ones are due to chemotherapy drugs, diabetes, and pre-diabetes, or metabolic syndrome.

In fact, metabolic syndrome may very well be responsible for the majority of cases that are now labeled “Idiopathic”. The Idiopathic means we just aren’t sure what the cause is.

Nevertheless, there is good potential for improvement, and even recovery, in these common neuropathy forms in many patients.

But recovery depends upon stimulating your healing capacity.

And there are several good tools which can help do just that. For example, we know a low-carb diet (I also prefer gluten and dairy-free), stopping smoking, and losing weight is key. Exercise and rehab under supervision often make a big difference too.

Research tells us our body produces substances that help nerves heal. These are called neurotropins.

So, what are the best ways to help your body along?

Well, in addition to the things we just mentioned, maintaining good mental health is key. In fact, one study showed significantly higher levels of neurotropins in people who “were in love”!

The same study also looked at electric stimulation. The results were somewhat surprising. Indications are: less is often more!

In this study, neuropathy treatment electrotherapies that are too powerful, administered for too long, or too high a frequency produced less than favorable results.

We also know that accommodation to treatment is a factor. This occurs when our bodies “get used to” any one therapy, or even a drug. It also helps explain why patient progress can seemingly plateau.

All of this highlights the need for a comprehensive approach to neuropathy treatment.

You need to make sure you are doing your part, but also that your treating clinician is doing everything they can for you as well!

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