0131. Spinal joint dysfunction reduces your nervous system’s ability to coordinate and control your body’s functions and affects your overall health. The main thrust of our care is to correct any spinal joint dysfunction. We offer your choice of: Hands on chiropractic manipulation: both gentle, light-force Logan Basic and SOT techniques and traditional Diversified adjusting. We treat the whole person, therefore shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, and feet can be adjusted besides spinal joints.

2. Muscle pain, soft tissue injury, sports injury, chronic pain all benefit with our range of therapies. Muscle and soft-tissue therapies that are used to speed healing and reduce muscle, joint and ligament pains and injury include: ultrasound, Graston technique, neuromuscular reeducation, massage, active release techniques, interferential current therapy, and CHI infrasound, neurostimulation for neuropathic nerves and near infrared therapy.

3. Exercise services for muscle balancing, low back strengthening and protection and for stretching overly tight areas include: core spinal stabilization muscle strengthening, Swiss exercise ball therapy, exercises for postural improvement, muscle strengthening. We can design individualized exercise programs to meet your personal needs.

4. Nutritional services include: nutritional consultation and evaluation to determine dietary and supplement needs. Choices of vitamin, herbal or homeopathic treatments for a range of conditions. Nutritional services are a component of the chiropractic service. Some common conditions we treat with our combination of chiropractic and nutrition are: PMS, menopausal symptoms, headaches, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel conditions, chronic aches and pains, weight loss issues, metabolic syndrome.

5. Neuropathy treatment protocols include gentle hands-on treatments, nutrition and diet instruction, exercise instruction and a specialized  pain-free electro-neurostimulation therapy to restore nerve function to nerves damaged by diabetes, chemotherapy, prescription drug side effects, and compression injuries. Dr. Ellen Blomerth is a Certified Neuropathy Pain Specalist. Call us at 978-535-6155.