Patient Testimonials


Patient Testimonials

Read what NeuropathyDR patients are saying:

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Philip Perron —  If it wasn’t for Dr. Ellen I’d be in a chair right now. Because of her, my neuropathy pain has been less severe and actually doesn’t make me want to stay in bed all day. I am much happier now than I was 4 months ago!

Sifu Rita Rose Pasquale  October 22, 2014 :  Amazing Dr! She Helped me heal my back when I blew a disk 8 years ago and NO Surgery! Infinite Love and Gratitude

Linda Diianni‎ September 13, 2014 :  Dr. Ellen is awesome and cares so much about healing people. She is 100% dedicated and her caring hands tell it all. I miss going but have been busy recuperating from surgery and caring for my husband at home. I highly recommend Ellen Blomerth DC.

Mona B. Testimonial : I had numbness in both feet and felt unsteady when walking. I have had the severity of tingling and numbness happening for several years with the unsteadiness happening over the past few months. I saw a neurologist but did not want to take the medications they suggested. Since starting the neuropathy care at Blomerth Chiropractic over the past 5 weeks, the numbness has become more of a pins and needles sensation which is easier for me to handle and I do not feel as unsteady while walking and have had some days with no symptoms at all. I would recommend the neuropathy care at Blomerth Chiropractic. It is definitely worth trying. You need to be patient as it may take several weeks before you get any results.  The practice has a holistic approach.

Margie Boudreau Testimonial  2010 :  In March of 2009 I had a rare form of endocardidtis (heart infection) which caused high fevers with severe rigors. These chills caused nerve and muscle damage, emanating from my lower spine to my hips, legs, and feet. Although I received physical therapy for five months, my mobility and balance were quite limited. I couldn’t walk for more than 50 feet without pain. I had tingling and sharp pains in my legs and spasms at the bottoms of my feet. My body had “forgotten” how do many things like kick a ball or dance. My doctors told me that I would take “a long time” to see improvement.

When I first saw Dr.Ellen in August 2010, she found that my muscles were abnormally tight and when touched, would cause my body to spasm uncontrollably. In addition, my feet were unable to distinguish hot and cold. After my initial five-week treatment with her specialized chiropractic and neuropathy treatments, I was able to walk much farther and without pain. I regained much of my balance and had reduced pain and tingling in my feet. In less than four months of treatment, I can now walk uphill, play with my grandchildren, and I can even dance again! Thank you, Dr. Ellen, for your expert, compassionate care.

Deb White Testimonial July 29, 2009:  When I first saw Dr. Ellen I was in severe pain and had gone to numerous Doctors over the years and had given up on feeling better. Dr. Ellen is a considerate and caring practitioner. She completely brought me to a pain free condition. I had been seeing her over the last couple of years to be kept pain free. I had a car accident recently that I thought I would never get through and not only does she treat you for health she treats with her heart. I would recommend her to any family member, friend or colleague. Blomerth Chiropractic will be on the top of my list for the rest of my life.”

Cheryl Morrison Testimonial June 23, 2009:  Dr. Ellen’s care and results are exceptional. I had severe lower back pain and struggled to walk for longer than 15 minutes. With just a few sessions she cleared up my problem. I trust her decisions about my care.