Chemotherapy Neuropathy

NeuropathyDR® Treatment and Cancer

If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, your diagnosis was just the beginning of a long battle…




Hormone therapy…

These are all weapons in your fight against a dreaded disease.

Cold, burning and tingling, scaling skin and loss of sensation are unfortunate but are NOW treatable by Trained ND Clinicians!

But what you may not have realized is that these treatments, especially chemotherapy, can have some serious side effects.   Side effects in addition to the nausea, hair loss, etc., that first come to mind.  If you’ve completed your chemotherapy treatment and you’re now suffering from

Tingling and/or burning in your hands and/or feet

Pain in your nerves

Loss of the sense of touch or an inability to feel vibration

Temperature changes in the flesh –extremities that are excessively warm or cold

Side effects from pain medication that cause insomnia or difficulty staying asleep

You could be suffering from peripheral neuropathy caused by the very same drugs that saved your life.

The good news is that your peripheral neuropathy can be treated.  Many post-chemotherapy patients are finding relief with combined therapies of

Specialized NeuropathyDR® Treatment Center Care

Nutrition Therapy

Nerve stimulation therapy, such as the ReBuilder®

The precise combination of these complementary therapies in NeuropathyDR® protocol can bring relief from your peripheral neuropathy and put you back on the road to a full life.

To understand the effectiveness and importance of these complementary therapies in treating your post-chemotherapy peripheral neuropathy, it helps to understand each piece of the therapy “puzzle”.

Manual Therapy by a Trained Professional

Chances are very good that if, in your pre-cancer life, you never suffered a sports injury or some other type of injury or accident, you may have never been treated by a chiropractor or physical therapist.

The Correct Manual Therapies are critical in recovery…

Traditionally, these professionals have diagnosed and treated injuries and illnesses affecting the bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints.  By employing a gentle manipulation of the spine and other joints, chiropractors assist your body in healing itself.

Chiropractors and Physical Therapists use exercises, and manual manipulation of your joints and muscles to help realign the spine and put your bones and joints back into more natural movement.

Cancer patients are increasingly turning to chiropractors and physical therapists as their team to alleviate pain and the stress of not only their cancer but also the side effects resulting from their course of treatment.  While this cannot prevent or cure cancer, it can help you deal with the symptoms and pain associated with cancer. By addressing a healthy spine and joints, proper treatment promotes a healthy nervous system and that’s a basic building block for regaining your pre-cancer health.

Your local NeuropathyDR® practitioner is often a specialist in chiropractic or physical therapy and can design a personalized program around your needs to treat your peripheral neuropathy symptoms.


As a cancer patient, you’re already familiar with the effects chemotherapy and other treatments can have on your digestive system.  The side effects of cancer treatment can not only affect your ability to eat but they can also prevent your body from getting the nutrition you need to heal.

If you have cancer, you need to make sure you’re getting enough nutrients to prevent or reverse nutritional shortfalls, lessen the side effects of treatment and improve your quality of life.

If at all possible, you need to make sure you’re eating enough high calorie, high-protein food to give your body proper nutrition.  But sitting down and eating a big meal may not be possible.  Try eating small meals or snacks frequently instead.  Frequent small meals will give your body a steady supply of nutrients, be easier for your sensitive digestive system to handle and maintain a consistent blood sugar level.  All of this will often make you feel much better.

Talk to your local NeuropathyDR® clinician to discuss a meal plan that will give your body what it needs to repair the damage done by cancer treatment.  Good nutrition will boost your immune system and let it do its job in fighting off illnesses brought on by the damage of chemotherapy.

Our Clinicians really listen, then develop your custom, multi-pronged treatment program

NeuropathyDR® practitioners often use diet plans and our nutrition guidelines to complement their chiropractic and ReBuilder® treatment protocols to treat the whole patient from the inside out.

Nerve Stimulation

Once a NeuropathyDR® course of treatment has been designed and a nutrition plan established, the final piece in the overall treatment of your post-chemotherapy peripheral neuropathy treatment plan is nerve stimulation.

You should also know the ReBuilder® is used extensively in cancer patient care, including NeuropathyDR® Treatment Centers as well as Cancer Treatment Centers of America and Rockefeller Cancer Treatment Center.


There are several nerve stimulation techniques to help peripheral neuropathy patients.  Our protocol that is having great success includes the ReBuilder®.

By employing electrical stimulation to the nerves, in a wave-like low frequency motion rather than the straight line current of a TENS unit, the nerves may be stimulated to self-repair.  This specialty treatment allows the nerves to communicate more normally again and that, in itself, seems to start the process of reversing some damage of peripheral neuropathy.

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The combination of good NeuropathyDR® in-clinic care, nutrition and ReBuilder® nerve stimulation is showing great promise in helping post-chemotherapy peripheral neuropathy patients return to a pain free life, without the debilitating effects of  chemotherapy neuropathy.