What We are Teaching Our Docs and Therapists

It’s another great day in Boston as we are getting ready for
our docs and therapists who will be joining us at
SuperConference 2010, guests will start arriving soon.

How can we REALLY help our patients?

How can we REALLY help our patients?

I hope you are having a great day too!

In any event, my assistant Jes and I were recapping the weeks events
after talking to many new docs and therapists.

We had a unique conversation late in the day yesterday.

If you are reading this, you already know at least a little about NeuropathyDR(TM).

And we’ve taken lots of calls from those of you who met us during our summer
travels, and are finding ND on-line, in the bookstores and journals.

What you may NOT know is how many prospective patients contact us EVERY day
literally 24/7 by phone, email and Facebook.

But most of you who contact us really do your homework,
and often know way more about neurologic treatment options than you might think.

But, what they say to us is “I need HELP! I need someone who really
knows to treat me like Dr Hayes does in the book.”

Now, it makes no difference if you are a PT, DC or MD. Learn to really
help our patients get what they want, (their life back)
feel the staffs gratitude that you REALLY helped somebodies mom or dad
get back on their feet…

Isn’t that why you got into private practice after all?


Getting Healthy Again!

One of the biggest things we see in our work with Neuropathy and other chronically ill Patients is that once the burning, tingling numbness and pain start to subside, they are gradually able to resume more activity. In some patients, this can be an incredible challenge after years of illness, stress, and sometimes the other side effects of treatment for diabetes, chemotherapy for cancers, surgery, etc.

But, There is good news! By applying specific timed steps, many patients do far better than they ever imagined.

Finally, a Neuropathy Treatment System that works!

Here’s 3 simple tips to make it go easier.

Start easy! We always teach our patients the importance of pacing, doing less than you think you actually can.
Take extra special care of rest needs. Its’ OK, and even advisable to rest during the day, even if you don’t nap.
Watch what you put into your head! Shut off the TV, grab a good book instead, or simply meditate in a comfortable spot. Focus on health generating thoughts and mind pictures.

Finally, enlist the help of your coaches, doctors and friends along your journey back to health. ASK for help and guidance.

CALL US if you need help. Really, we talk to patients all day long!

Diabetic Neuropathy- exciting follow-ups from the clinic

Neuropathy Treatment Systems Include Good Manual Therapy

Neuropathy Treatment Systems Include Good Manual Therapy

I had the good fortune of seeing several really great diabetic patients in our clinic today. The first had completed her 5 weeks of initial NeuropathyDR(TM) care a month ago, and still her diabetic neuropathy continues to improve, BUT not only that, her blood sugar levels are continuing to drop, and exercise tolerance is increasing. After years of total misery and worsening.

The second gentleman, a new patient started on Monday, has been miserable for 5 years, and after just the third session, is already sleeping better, even his foot mobility has improved. He has had such bad foot cramps and burning foot pain that can not even sleep without socks.

Finally, real encouragement. Real Results. Doctors and Physical Therapists who really take the time to care for the entire patient.

If you or a loved one are suffering, these cases are showing steady, real progress in beating neuropathy!

Welcome New Neuropathy Doctors and Therapists!

I want to personally thank and welcome all new NeuropathyDR Providers. Thanks to your diligent study, excellent peripheral neuropathy care is being rendered to all our wonderful patients around the USA.

We are growing every week now around the USA, Australia and soon to be South Korea! If you are interested in joining our ranks, I’ll be speaking in Myrtle Beach, SC on Friday, and Boston on August 21st, and New Jersey Sept 11th and 12th.

Neuropathy Doctors and Physical Therapists

Neuropathy Doctors and Physical Therapists

Hope for Inclusion Body Myositis?

Recently we discharged to home care a patient with neuropathy and weakness secondary to Inclusion Body Myositis, an inflammatory muscle disease with sensory and strength changes (weakness). As far as I am aware, there is no known cure.

In no way am I suggesting curative care was achieved. But this patient was 20% better in just five weeks, and this is after 2-3 years of standard interventions. The most striking gain though was in proximal lower extremity muscle strength gains, which objectively improved substantially off base-line measurements.

We modified our ND Protocols to include enhanced anti-inflammatory activity by boosting glutathione levels (a master detoxification system in the human body) and increasing EPA (the most anti-inflammatory Omega 3 EFA) levels, monitoring vitamin D levels, and a few other tweaks.

The best thing about our work is to see patients like this respond, and that gives us both hope, and reason to explore how we can help more people with similar illnesses.

Diabetic Neuropathy Misery Ends after 2 treatments!

The Correct Manual Therapies Speed Recovery...

Another really powerful day in the ND clinic. Wonderful, active 69 YO diabetic lady with PN hands and feet, very poor sleep for many months, on lots of gabapentin (> 2400mg/day).

She’s been a great patient already, driving 56 miles each way to see us. Rose followed our EXACT 3 step protocol, some > Sx post second treatment which is common, comes in today having slept through the night, so even her husband wondered what was going on!

And this is while she is tapering her meds!