“Light Therapy” and Your Neuropathy

What if anything does light therapy have to do with neuropathy treatments?

Sun, or natural light has been used for centuries to help heal illnesses and diseases. It is a well-known fact that Sun exposure is what helps our bodies activate vitamin D.

We know with great certainty now that Vitamin D is involved in many diseases and illnesses. We also know that some diseases are much more common in patients who live in parts of the world with less natural light exposure.

Now, all you have to do is search the Internet and you will find no shortage of devices that are reported to emit light and are said to be “good for neuropathy”.

So, what if anything does light therapy have to do with neuropathy treatments?

Are you getting your Vitamin D?

Here’s my take. Neuropathy treatment, including warm “lights” that help open blood vessels and warm cooled tissue almost always feels good. This is one of the common things we see in neuropathy and neuropathy treatment patients.

Now, this could be as simple as warm foot soaks, or better yet a warm Epsom salts bath, still an underused but old fashioned home remedy for aches and pains.


It could also be lounging on the warm sands with a good book on your favorite beach!

But here’s my concern. Most studies I have read shed doubt upon the lasting benefits of many neuropathy treatments, including most forms of light therapy.

And you need to be VERY careful, as nerves that are damaged will not perceive heat, and this could lead to burns or tissue damage!

This is why clinicians who have done their studies render the best neuropathy treatments.

However you should know that, some therapies like PILT, which stands for pulsed infrared light therapy, may be helpful, especially in diabetic neuropathy.

What I can tell you is that almost any neuropathy treatment, which feels good, relieves and does not aggravate your neuropathy may be helping by making local blood circulation better.

Improving circulation can allow nerve endings and cells take up energy better and are more efficient.

While the jury is out on light therapy, just make sure what ever you do is not harmful, and is part of a comprehensive neuropathy treatment plan.

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