Diabetic Neuropathy Treatment And Conventional Dietary Approaches

Diabetes as well as diabetic neuropathy, is on the rise.

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What we are eating is more important than you think!

One of the most difficult and frustrating forms of peripheral neuropathy we treat is caused by diabetes.

As you probably know, diabetes as well as diabetic neuropathy, is on the rise. The reasons for this are many however it is widely agreed the most common cause is the significant increase in BMI or body mass index otherwise known as weight gain.

Unfortunately, this is one neuropathy problem that is not treated aggressively enough. Too many patients are simply told to lose a little weight, get more exercise etc. without any meaningful specifics.

Worse yet, very common hospital-based diabetic nutrition programs are still far too high in carbohydrates, as are some very famous diet programs.

This also includes programs still prescribed by nutritionists who treat diabetics. In our opinion, this has perpetuated problems with weight control in diabetes.

We also see people eating so-called healthy diets, which are loaded with sugars, this commonly includes diets rich in fruits and grains.

The most important thing to realize in the treatment of diabetes and its cousin metabolic syndrome is that carbohydrates in your diet must be significantly controlled.

This means that carbohydrates need to be restricted to approximately 15 g per meal. For some of you, this will come as a shock.

This means no more than a half a slice of bread per meal with no other carbs, minimizing starchy vegetables, and eliminating sugars.

*Now this also means you will need to work with your doctors and nurses to adjust your medication dosages, especially, if you are insulin-dependent. Do not make these suggested changes without your doctors’ knowledge or consent.

Getting very strict about carbohydrate control and realizing that conventional nutrition approaches may not be enough to manage your weight, diabetes, but most especially your neuropathy goes a long way towards helping you regain control of your health, and thus your life.

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